127 Funny Cruise Quotes For Instagram

If you’ve been searching for funny cruise quotes for Instagram, then check out this post till the end. Traveling on a cruise is a great experience for all. The beauty of the sea embraces all. In this journey, we explore the nuances of buffet battles, sea-sickness survival tactics, and many more. So grab your imaginary life jacket to get a dive into the funny cruise quotes. They will be a combination of fun and laughter, and they will create comedic surroundings.

Here you can also find funny cruise messages, images, and pictures. So scroll down and get these meaningful Hilarious Funny Cruise quotes.

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Funny Cruise Quotes

1. “Cruising: where calories don’t count, and the only waves I’m interested in are the ones in my piña colada. #SipSipHooray” – Captain Chuckleberry

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2. “On a cruise, my GPS is set to ‘Buffet.’ Navigating the seas of indulgence, one dessert island at a time. #LostInFlavor” – Admiral Munchalot

3. “Cruises are like a floating paradise for introverts. ‘Sorry, can’t talk, I’m on a boat.’ #IntrovertDream” – Skipper Silence

4. “My idea of a balanced diet on a cruise? A drink in each hand! Cheers to seas and sips! #CruiseControl” – Captain Cocktail

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5. “Cruises are the only place where ‘Are we there yet?’ is replaced by ‘Is it time for the next meal yet?’ #FoodieVoyage” – Captain Munch-a-Lot

6. “Cruising is the art of turning ‘I need a vacation’ into ‘I need a diet’ in just seven days. #SailAndScale” – Admiral Nomsalot

7. “The only compass I follow on a cruise points to the nearest ice cream station. #NavigatingFlavors” – Captain ConeQuest

8. “Cruise ship motto: ‘We brake for buffets.’ It’s a slow journey to foodie paradise. #BuffetBrake” – Admiral Snackington

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9. “Life is short, eat dessert first… and then second, and third. Thank you, cruise logic! #DessertCruise” – Skipper SweetTooth

10. “Cruising is the only time I appreciate being told to abandon ship… for the dessert buffet. #DessertAbandonment” – Captain Chocoholic

11. “Cruises are like floating buffets; I only exercise my right to eat, not my sea legs.” – Captain Calorie

12. “I tried to sea the world, but all I got was a lousy sunburn and a belly full of cruise ship pizza.” – S.S. Snack Attack

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13. “Cruises are the only time it’s socially acceptable to wear a fanny pack and call it ‘nautical chic.'” – Fashion Aweigh

14. “I don’t always cruise, but when I do, it’s to avoid doing my laundry for a week.” – Sir Laundry Dodger

15. “I thought a cruise was a great idea until I realized that shuffleboard is not as exciting as it sounds.” – Admiral Shufflebored

16. “Cruise ships are like floating malls, and just like at the mall, I spent too much money and ate too many pretzels.” – Captain Credit Card Debt

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17. “Cruises are the only place where ‘rocking the boat’ is encouraged, but not in relationships.” – Dr. Loveboat

18. “The best part of a cruise is pretending you’re a celebrity while wearing oversized sunglasses and a floppy hat.” – Starboard Starlet

19. “Cruise ship motto: ‘We brake for buffets.’ It’s a slow journey to foodie paradise. #BuffetBrake” – Admiral Snackington

20. “Life is short, eat dessert first… and then second, and third. Thank you, cruise logic! #DessertCruise” – Skipper SweetTooth

Enjoy Your Cruise Quotes Images

1. “Cruising is the only time I appreciate being told to abandon ship… for the dessert buffet. #DessertAbandonment” – Captain Chocoholic

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2. “Cruises: Where the only rocking I want is from the ship, not the scale afterward. #RockTheBuffet” – Admiral Indulge-a-Lot

3. “Cruises are like floating food festivals. It’s not a vacation; it’s a culinary odyssey on water. #SeafoodieAdventure” – Captain Culinary

4. “On a cruise, I’m not seasick; I’m snack-sick. The buffet is my remedy. #BuffetHealsAll” – Skipper SnackAttack

Best Funny Cruise Quotes And Jokes

5. “Cruising is the only time when ‘I’m on a diet’ means ‘I’m only eating one dessert at a time.’ #DietOnDeck” – Captain Confection

6. “Cruising: Where the ocean waves are matched only by the waves of laughter at the midnight buffet. #MidnightLaughs” – Admiral ChuckleCruise

7. “Cruises are like floating all-you-can-eat marathons. Step on board, and the race to the buffet begins! #BuffetSprint” – Captain Eat-a-Lot

8. “Cruises teach you valuable life skills, like how to balance on a rocking ship while carrying two plates of food. #CruiseBalance” – Skipper PlateMaster

Humorous Quotes for Cruise Lovers

9. “Cruises are the only time I worry about gaining weight at sea instead of losing it. #WeightGainWave” – Admiral SnackShip

10. “Cruising is the art of gracefully maneuvering around the pool while balancing a plate of tacos. #TacoTightrope” – Captain Tacosaurus

11. “On a cruise, my idea of a workout is doing laps around the buffet line. #BuffetFitness” – Skipper SnackSweat

12. “Cruises: where the only ‘seafood diet’ I believe in is seeing food and eating it. #SeafoodieVision” – Admiral FoodGoggles

Amusing Cruise Quotes to Brighten Your Day

13. “Cruising: where the only thing I’m catching is a tan and a waiter’s attention. #TanAndOrder” – Captain SunSip

14. “Cruises are like floating festivals of flavors. It’s not a vacation; it’s a celebration of calories! #CalorieCarnival” – Skipper FlavorFiesta

15. “Cruising: the only time I can justify eating three desserts by convincing myself I’ll burn it off in the onboard dance party. #DanceAndDigest” – Captain SweetMoves

16. “On a cruise, my favorite workout is the ‘shuffle’ from the buffet to the pool and back. #BuffetShuffle” – Admiral SnackShuffle

Funny Quotes from the Cruise Deck

17. “Cruises are the only place where the phrase ‘I’ll just have a taste’ turns into a full-course meal. #TasteTurnsFeast” – Skipper Sampler

18. “Cruising: where the only rough seas I encounter are deciding which cocktail to order next. #RoughDecisions” – Captain CocktailWave

19. “Cruises are like culinary expeditions on water, and I’m the fearless explorer of every buffet island. #BuffetExplorer” – Admiral FeastQuest

20. “On a cruise, my diet plan is simple: eat whatever I want and blame it on the ocean breeze. #BreezyIndulgence” – Skipper SeaSnacker

Funny Cruise Captions For Instagram

1. “Cruising is the only time I appreciate a ship that’s heavy on calories and light on turbulence. #CalorieCruise” – Captain LightWave

Hilarious Sayings for Cruise Enthusiasts

2. “Cruises: where my idea of a sunset is the moment the dessert buffet opens. #DessertSunset” – Admiral SweetHorizon

3. “Cruising is the art of gracefully juggling a plate of nachos while avoiding seagulls eyeing your snacks. #NachosInTheBreeze” – Skipper SnackJuggler

4. “On a cruise, my happy place is wherever the buffet ends and the dessert table begins. #HappyBuffet” – Admiral DessertHaven

Funny Quips for Your Nautical Adventure

5. “Cruising is the only time I can legit say, ‘I’m on a seafood diet – I see food, and I eat it all.’ #SeafoodFeast” – Skipper SeafoodSpectacle

6. “Cruising is the only time where gaining weight is considered a souvenir. My swimsuit disagrees. #CruiseControlIssues – SnackQueen”

7. “Life is short, sail naked! Well, not really, but at least your worries can take a dip in the cruise pool. #NudeNotRude – Captain Chuckle”

8. “Cruises are like buffets on water. My swimsuit and I have a love-hate relationship; it’s mostly hate. #BuffetBattles – FoodieSeaExplorer”

Hilarious Cruise Quotes and images

9. “If your idea of a balanced diet is a cocktail in each hand, welcome aboard! #CruiseCocktails – Captain Mixologist”

10. “I don’t always take vacations, but when I do, it’s on a floating paradise with a buffet. #CruiseLifeChoices – SarcasmSailor”

11. “Cruising is my therapy. The sea breeze, the endless buffets – it’s cheaper than a shrink! #CruiseTherapy – Dr. SaneSailor”

12. “Cruises are the only place where getting lost is a good thing. GPS? Nah, just follow the smell of sunscreen. #LostAndLovingIt – Captain Directionless”

Cruise Quotes to Make You LOL

13. “On a cruise, I don’t count calories; I count the minutes until the next buffet. #CalorieCountingCruise – SnackHoarder”

14. “Cruise ship reality: I came for the exotic ports, stayed for the 24/7 pizza delivery. #PizzaLoverAtSea – PizzatarianExplorer”

15. “I tried to lose weight on a cruise, but the ship’s gravitational pull had other plans. #CruiseGravityChallenge – Captain ChubbyCheeks”

16. “Cruises: where the seas are wild, and so is the dance floor after a few cocktails. #DanceLikeNoOneIsWatching – GroovyCaptain”

Witty Quotes about Life on the High Seas

17. “I don’t need an alarm clock on a cruise; the sound of the buffet opening does the trick. #BuffetWakeUpCall – SnoozeCruiseMaster”

18. “Cruise ship math: Calories consumed minus steps taken equals vacation success. #MathIsHardOnVacation – CaptainCalculator”

19. “The only exercise I get on a cruise is running to the buffet before it closes. #BuffetSprint – CardioSkipper”

20. “Cruises are like floating cities – where the main export is laughter and the currency is sunscreen. #SunscreenRich – Mayor Chuckleburg”

Famous Tom Cruise Quotes Sayings

1. “Why get a tan at the beach when you can get a buffet belly on a cruise? #TanOrBuffet – BeachBumChef”

Laugh Out Loud with These Cruise Quotes

2. “Cruise ship tip: The best way to avoid seasickness is to stay near the buffet. Distraction is key. #SeasickBuffetCure – CaptainSteadyStomach”

3. “Cruising is the only time where ‘I’m on a seafood diet’ is a legitimate excuse. #SeafoodDietSuccess – CaptainSeeFood”

4. “On a cruise, my diet philosophy is simple: If it’s fried, it’s fine; if it’s baked, it’s a mistake. #FriedFoodFanatic – CulinaryCruiseCaptain”

Funny Quotes for Your Cruise Adventure

5. “Cruises are the perfect place to perfect your buffet-to-pool ratio. #BuffetDiveExpert – SplashCaptain”

6. “Life is like a cruise – it’s better with a room service chocolate on the pillow. #ChocoholicCruise – SweetDreamer”

7. “Cruises are the only time my GPS says, ‘You have arrived at your dessert destination.’ #DessertDetour – CaptainSweetTooth”

8. “Cruise ship philosophy: If life gives you lemons, make a cocktail and enjoy it on the deck. #LemonadeWho – CaptainMixMaster”

Humorous Quotes for Your Cruise Vacation

9. “Cruises are the ultimate multitasking: tanning, eating, and perfecting my nap game. #NapMasterAtSea – CaptainSnooze”

10. “Why count sheep when you can count the minutes until the midnight buffet? #MidnightBuffetDreams – CaptainInsomniac”

11. “Cruises are like floating gyms. If the gym had an all-you-can-eat buffet, that is. #GymGoalsOnWater – FitnessBuffetCaptain”

12. “On a cruise, the only thing deeper than the ocean is my love for the dessert buffet. #DeepDessertLove – CaptainSweetSea”

Hilarious Sayings for Smooth Sailing

13. “Cruises: where the only decision harder than choosing an excursion is deciding between two desserts. #DessertDilemma – CaptainIndecisive”

14. “I don’t always dress up, but when I do, it’s for the formal night buffet. #FormalFeast – CaptainFashionablyLate”

15. “Cruises are proof that the best things in life are three: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. #ThreeSquareMeals – CaptainThreeFeasts”

16. “Life is a highway, but a cruise is a waterway paved with chocolate fountains. #ChocolateHighway – CaptainChocoholic”

Funny Cruise Captions and Quotes

17. “Cruise ship wisdom: The only ‘rocking’ I want to feel is from the waves, not the boat’s karaoke night. #WaveRockerNotMicRocker – CaptainToneDeaf”

18. “Cruises are where my diet goes to retire, and my taste buds go to party. #TasteBudFiesta – CaptainFlavorExplorer”

19. “On a cruise, I don’t need a life jacket; I need a buffet jacket with extra stretch. #BuffetJacketStyle – CaptainExpandable”

20. “Cruise ship reality check: The only ice I want is in my drink, not on the deck. #DeckIceIsntNice – CaptainChill”

Most Famous Tom Cruise Quotes

1. “Cruises: where the ocean is deep, the laughter is contagious, and my tan lines are questionable. #TanLinesConfession – CaptainSunburn”

Wit and Wisdom from the Cruise Deck

2. “On a cruise, my level of chill is directly proportional to the number of cocktails in my hand. #ChillCaptain – CaptainCocktailChill”

3. “Cruises are like floating comedies; the only drama is deciding between two desserts. #DessertDrama – CaptainComedy”

4. “Cruise ship reality: I go to the gym to work off the last buffet, not to prepare for the next one. #GymAndBuffetBalance – CaptainSweatpants”

Laugh Out Loud with These Funny Quotes

5. “Cruises are like floating islands of happiness, where the only storm is the one in my dessert cup. #DessertStorm – CaptainSweetIsland”

6. “On a cruise, I don’t need a lifeboat; I need a dessert boat to navigate the sea of sweetness. #DessertNavigator – CaptainSweetTooth”

7. “Cruise ship philosophy: Life is too short for bad food, so I’m on a buffet-binge mission. #BuffetBinge – CaptainFoodie

8. “Cruises are where my phone has no signal, but my buffet radar is at full bars. #BuffetRadarExpert – CaptainNoSignal”

Funny Quotes to Keep Your Spirits High

9. “Life is like a cruise ship; the more you let loose, the smoother the journey. #LetLooseCruise – CaptainChillVibes”

10. “Cruise ship wisdom: The only kind of waves I want are the ones in my cocktail, not in the sea. #CocktailWavesOnly – CaptainMixWave”

11. “Cruises are where my diet plan is in a lifeboat, and I’m on the dessert ship. #DietDitched – CaptainSweetEscape”

12. “On a cruise, my idea of snorkeling is diving into the buffet without coming up for air. #BuffetSnorkeling – CaptainFoodieSnorkeler”

Funny Cruise Sayings to Sail By

13. “Cruise ship reality: My suitcase is half swimsuits and half stretchy pants. Priorities, you know. #SwimsuitAndStretchyPants – CaptainFashionSense”

14. “Cruises are the only place where ‘being grounded’ means having a balcony room. #BalconyLife – CaptainElevated”

15. “Life is a rollercoaster, but a cruise is a buffet with a view. Hold on tight and pass the dessert! #BuffetRollercoaster – CaptainSweetRide”

16. “Cruise ship philosophy: I believe in love at first bite, especially when it involves the dessert buffet. #LoveAtFirstBite – CaptainSweetheart”

Cruise Quotes that'll Tickle Your Funny Bone

17. “Cruises are where the sea is my therapist, and the buffet is my comfort food. #SeaTherapyBuffetComfort – CaptainSerenity”

18. “On a cruise, my fitness goal is to be able to lift my dessert fork to my mouth. #DessertFitnessChallenge – CaptainSweetLift”

19. “Cruise ship wisdom: The only stress I want is deciding between two poolside cocktails. #CocktailStress – CaptainChillax”

20. “Cruises are where my only worry is if the buffet is still open. Spoiler alert: it always is. #BuffetNeverCloses – CaptainNoWorries”

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